Kid Hand and Foot Print Art

I used to be a nanny, and I must say: somewhere between lunch and nap time, kids just seem to go bonkers! And if you don’t have a plan to keep them entertained until they pass out, you might just find yourself tied to a chair in the living room until the parents get home from work and rescue you… Just saying. And now that it’s summer, it seems like this craziness escalates tenfold. Am I right?

Now, we’ve all seen the handprint reindeer art for Christmas, like this one from Disney’s Family Fun. But I’ve been discovering SO MANY OTHER super cool hand and footprint paintings to do with the kids!

All of these hand and foot print paint projects are from Meet the Dubiens. Their website is CHOCK FULL of art and craft projects to keep the kids busy. Bonus: everything up there has been tried and tested with her own two little ones, so they are guaranteed fun!

1. Ballerina tutu.

2. Cute little owl.

3. Monsters (my personal favorite).

4. Sunflower.

5. Happy Birthday cake! So cute!!

6. Very hungry caterpillar. Made with balloons, but still super cool!

7. Hyacinth thumbprints.

8. Lion.

9. Penguins.

10. Last but not least – a strawberry.

There are seriously so many of these on her blog! I didn’t search very hard to find these 10, and I completely skipped all of the holiday themed ones!!

Kids love to get messy, and they love painting and making projects they can show off. Crafts like this will be sure to keep the kids occupied this summer!


5 Days of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Photography

This is a BONUS DAY! Hurray! I love this theme so much, I thought I’d add an extra day, featuring some fun photography I’ve found within this theme!

Style Me Pretty has clearly been a favorite of mine throughout this genre, and you can see why! I love, love, LOVE that chandelier!

Do you enjoy long bike rides together? Vintage Indie suggests using a fun prop that both of you relate to.

Remember to have fun with your photos! 100 Layer Cake shows that if you are enjoying yourself, it will shine through to your photos!

On 3 Design suggests getting the entire bridal party on board with the fun of the photo shoot!

Better still, get everyone in on the action with this idea from National Geographic!

5 Days of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Gift Wrap

So you’re going to a wedding, and you want to wrap your present in a chic, gorgeous package. Here’s some inspiration to get your started!

This simple wrapping by This Is Glamorous is easy to accomplish. Kraft paper, wrapped with a round of lace, and a simple beige ribbon!

These tags from Ilovedieline Studio on Etsy are super cute, too! Add a little congrats note with a word of advice, and attach to your gift of choice.

Such Pretty Things reminds us that party favors need some love, too!

If you know the color palate for the wedding, match your present with a cute DIY pennant banner ribbon, like this one from Paper Mash.

And if you’re looking for something a little more complex (or neutral), check out these gorgeous wrapping jobs by Style Me Pretty!

What are your favorite wrapping tips and tricks? Newspaper? Kraft paper? Fabric? Let me know, and maybe we’ll feature it in the next wrapping post!

5 Day of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Clothes

So, Thursday is supposed to mean “Cards,” but I already did “Invitations,” and for weddings… well, planning outfits for a wedding sounded much more fun!

And whether you’re going to a vintage or garden wedding, or hosting one, you want to dress the part! Here are some of my favorite choices to fit the summery, fun theme!

Such Pretty Things give us the idea of actually using colorful vintage dresses instead of “traditional” bridesmaids dresses. Each girl can pick her own favorite color and style!

Put your boys in neutral colors, like Wedding Chicks, and it won’t matter what color the girl next to him is wearing!

Not comfortable with all the different colors? Or have a definite color┬ápalate? How about following this Wedding Chick‘s advice, and let the girls pick their own style, but all the same length and color?

And you need to look your best too! Try something fun and flirty with this Project Wedding dress by Sottero & Midgley.

Not digging the length? Check out this lacy beauty by Alfred Angelo!

5 Days of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Food

Today is all about food! Yum! Personally, I’m a picky eater, but the stuff I do like – I LOVE.

If you’re going for the vintage theme, you have to have an old fashioned lemonade stand – or at least get the feel of one. Check out this one from Style Me Pretty! If you aren’t into lemonade, try serving Coke in the old-fashioned glass bottles, or having a rootbeer float bar (complete with sprinkles and different flavors of ice cream!).

Garden parties just beg for finger sandwiches and tiered platters, like this one from Party Frosting!

Sugar Plum Invitations suggests freezing berries and mint into ice cubes! A little bit of color, and a sweet treat once the ice melts.

Have your theme carry over into dessert with a cake like Styles Me Pretty‘s in your color scheme.

If you’re like us, and aren’t satisfied with just a cake, try cupcakes instead – like these from Small Bites. The bonus for getting cupcakes? You get to pick as many different flavors as you want!

5 Days of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Decorations

Tuesday means DECORATIONS!

This vintage tablescape from Ruffled is to die for! I love the overlapping lace tableclothes, the mismatched clutter, and especially that birdcage! (Actually, remember that birdcage. I MIGHT have used one just like it in MY wedding!)

These vintage inspired table numbers from Project Wedding add some glamour without breaking the bank! (Did I mention that link is for a tutorial?!)

This colorful ceremony seating, as highlighted on Ada & Darcy, is perfect for a outdoor garden wedding! I just LOVE the mismatched pillows!

No matter if you’re looking for vintage or garden themed, colorful flowers in teapots are sure to be a hit! This teapot centerpiece from French Larkspur is just perfect!

And one more mismatched ceremony picture for you, as highlighted on Shades of Chic.

I love how well these two themes go together. I really feel that vintage is all about mismatched, antique decor, and garden is all about color and flowers. I don’t know of two themes that go better together than these two!

Which is why we chose them for our wedding theme!

Here’s a sneak peek of the wedding photos (from our AMAZING photographer, Matt Borgelt!):

Fancy Clothespin Tutorial

I was so excited about the 5 days of party idea I had! … and then the wedding took over. BUT the wedding is done, now (and I promise, pictures will be coming shortly). This weird post-wedding funk sort of set in, and today I decided I just needed to craft. So I made these cute little magnetic clothespins, and a tutorial to match! So without further ado:

Fancy Clothespin Tutorial!



-Scrapbook Paper

-Mod Podge

-Paintbrush, Sponge, or Spongebrush



-Scissors or Exact-o-Knife

-Self-Adhesive Magnet Strip


1. Pick out your clothespin and scrapbook paper. (Also known as step: Choose your weapons)

I chose the normal sized clothespins and a damask scrapbook paper. You can use other sizes of clothespins, and any kind of paper you have lying around (maybe try wrapping paper or glitter for another fun option!)

2. Measure your clothespin.

3. Trace the clothespin measurements on the back of your piece of scrapbook paper.

4. Cut out with scissors. (Other option is to simply place the clothespin on the back of the scrapbook paper, and exact-o-knife around it without measuring or tracing)

5. Using your spongebrush, mod podge straight onto the clothespin.

6. Place the piece of scrapbook paper directly on top, and smooth out any air bubbles.

7. Once dry (about 10-15 min), spongebrush another layer on mod podge on top of the scrapbook paper.

8. Wait for it to dry (another 10-15 min).

9. Cut a piece of the magnet strip to size, pull off the sticker back, and press firmly onto the back of the clothespin. I had to cut my magnet strip in half lengthwise, because it was too wide.

10. Repeat as desired, and enjoy your new army of adorable, magnetic clothespins!