5 Days of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Decorations

Tuesday means DECORATIONS!

This vintage tablescape from Ruffled is to die for! I love the overlapping lace tableclothes, the mismatched clutter, and especially that birdcage! (Actually, remember that birdcage. I MIGHT have used one just like it in MY wedding!)

These vintage inspired table numbers from Project Wedding add some glamour without breaking the bank! (Did I mention that link is for a tutorial?!)

This colorful ceremony seating, as highlighted on Ada & Darcy, is perfect for a outdoor garden wedding! I just LOVE the mismatched pillows!

No matter if you’re looking for vintage or garden themed, colorful flowers in teapots are sure to be a hit! This teapot centerpiece from French Larkspur is just perfect!

And one more mismatched ceremony picture for you, as highlighted on Shades of Chic.

I love how well these two themes go together. I really feel that vintage is all about mismatched, antique decor, and garden is all about color and flowers. I don’t know of two themes that go better together than these two!

Which is why we chose them for our wedding theme!

Here’s a sneak peek of the wedding photos (from our AMAZING photographer, Matt Borgelt!):


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