5 Days of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Food

Today is all about food! Yum! Personally, I’m a picky eater, but the stuff I do like – I LOVE.

If you’re going for the vintage theme, you have to have an old fashioned lemonade stand – or at least get the feel of one. Check out this one from Style Me Pretty! If you aren’t into lemonade, try serving Coke in the old-fashioned glass bottles, or having a rootbeer float bar (complete with sprinkles and different flavors of ice cream!).

Garden parties just beg for finger sandwiches and tiered platters, like this one from Party Frosting!

Sugar Plum Invitations suggests freezing berries and mint into ice cubes! A little bit of color, and a sweet treat once the ice melts.

Have your theme carry over into dessert with a cake like Styles Me Pretty‘s in your color scheme.

If you’re like us, and aren’t satisfied with just a cake, try cupcakes instead – like these from Small Bites. The bonus for getting cupcakes? You get to pick as many different flavors as you want!


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