Kid Hand and Foot Print Art

I used to be a nanny, and I must say: somewhere between lunch and nap time, kids just seem to go bonkers! And if you don’t have a plan to keep them entertained until they pass out, you might just find yourself tied to a chair in the living room until the parents get home from work and rescue you… Just saying. And now that it’s summer, it seems like this craziness escalates tenfold. Am I right?

Now, we’ve all seen the handprint reindeer art for Christmas, like this one from Disney’s Family Fun. But I’ve been discovering SO MANY OTHER super cool hand and footprint paintings to do with the kids!

All of these hand and foot print paint projects are from Meet the Dubiens. Their website is CHOCK FULL of art and craft projects to keep the kids busy. Bonus: everything up there has been tried and tested with her own two little ones, so they are guaranteed fun!

1. Ballerina tutu.

2. Cute little owl.

3. Monsters (my personal favorite).

4. Sunflower.

5. Happy Birthday cake! So cute!!

6. Very hungry caterpillar. Made with balloons, but still super cool!

7. Hyacinth thumbprints.

8. Lion.

9. Penguins.

10. Last but not least – a strawberry.

There are seriously so many of these on her blog! I didn’t search very hard to find these 10, and I completely skipped all of the holiday themed ones!!

Kids love to get messy, and they love painting and making projects they can show off. Crafts like this will be sure to keep the kids occupied this summer!


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