5 Days of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Decorations

Tuesday means DECORATIONS!

This vintage tablescape from Ruffled is to die for! I love the overlapping lace tableclothes, the mismatched clutter, and especially that birdcage! (Actually, remember that birdcage. I MIGHT have used one just like it in MY wedding!)

These vintage inspired table numbers from Project Wedding add some glamour without breaking the bank! (Did I mention that link is for a tutorial?!)

This colorful ceremony seating, as highlighted on Ada & Darcy, is perfect for a outdoor garden wedding! I just LOVE the mismatched pillows!

No matter if you’re looking for vintage or garden themed, colorful flowers in teapots are sure to be a hit! This teapot centerpiece from French Larkspur is just perfect!

And one more mismatched ceremony picture for you, as highlighted on Shades of Chic.

I love how well these two themes go together. I really feel that vintage is all about mismatched, antique decor, and garden is all about color and flowers. I don’t know of two themes that go better together than these two!

Which is why we chose them for our wedding theme!

Here’s a sneak peek of the wedding photos (from our AMAZING photographer, Matt Borgelt!):


5 Days of Party: Vintage/Garden Wedding – Invitations

Today I’m introducing a new thing I’ve been thinking about. It’s called 5 Days of Party. Each day, for 5 days, I give you ideas and inspiration for a certain theme of party. It works like this: Monday I give ideas for invitations. Tuesday is decorations. Wednesday is food (mmm). Thursday is for cards and gift tags. Friday is for the gift wrapping! If I can find some fun photo shoots in the same theme, I may also include a Saturday of photography. Sound like fun? Now, notice how the title has two themes going on up there? Normally there will be one solid theme (like: Kid’s Pirate Birthday). But because I’m getting married in a month (OMG 1 MONTH!), and our wedding theme is sort of a vintage-y garden mashup, I decided I’m doing this one first. Because I like it, and I said so.

So, being Monday, that means I introduce 5 invitation ideas!

B Studio‘s Vintage Glamour wedding invitations are simply gorgeous, no matter WHAT color combo you decide to go with. Personally, I love craft paper with anything (I’m sure you’ll figure that out soon enough).

Au Clair de la Lune used a one layer card challenge to make these beautiful thank you cards, that could easily be turned in to invitations instead for a simple, adorable garden wedding.

Now how to we send these beauties? We Love Laugh Kiss says “Wrapped in a doily, of course!” (With tutorial!)

For anyone planning a wedding, is the place to start! And they’re right about these bright, fun envelopes being steal-worthy ideas!

And I’ve saved the best for last! These vintage invitations from Memento Designs inspired our own wedding invitations that we designed and put together ourselves!

I’ll post some pictures of our wedding stuff AFTER it takes place. I’m excited, but we aren’t done planning just yet, and I’m the kind of gal that likes to spill the beans all at once rather than in bits and pieces. Be patient! It’ll be worth it. 😉