Fancy Clothespin Tutorial

I was so excited about the 5 days of party idea I had! … and then the wedding took over. BUT the wedding is done, now (and I promise, pictures will be coming shortly). This weird post-wedding funk sort of set in, and today I decided I just needed to craft. So I made these cute little magnetic clothespins, and a tutorial to match! So without further ado:

Fancy Clothespin Tutorial!



-Scrapbook Paper

-Mod Podge

-Paintbrush, Sponge, or Spongebrush



-Scissors or Exact-o-Knife

-Self-Adhesive Magnet Strip


1. Pick out your clothespin and scrapbook paper. (Also known as step: Choose your weapons)

I chose the normal sized clothespins and a damask scrapbook paper. You can use other sizes of clothespins, and any kind of paper you have lying around (maybe try wrapping paper or glitter for another fun option!)

2. Measure your clothespin.

3. Trace the clothespin measurements on the back of your piece of scrapbook paper.

4. Cut out with scissors. (Other option is to simply place the clothespin on the back of the scrapbook paper, and exact-o-knife around it without measuring or tracing)

5. Using your spongebrush, mod podge straight onto the clothespin.

6. Place the piece of scrapbook paper directly on top, and smooth out any air bubbles.

7. Once dry (about 10-15 min), spongebrush another layer on mod podge on top of the scrapbook paper.

8. Wait for it to dry (another 10-15 min).

9. Cut a piece of the magnet strip to size, pull off the sticker back, and press firmly onto the back of the clothespin. I had to cut my magnet strip in half lengthwise, because it was too wide.

10. Repeat as desired, and enjoy your new army of adorable, magnetic clothespins!